e-Reminders Reduce Missed Appointments

No one needs to tell you that time is money and nothing undermines your practice productivity more than missed appointments. The good news here is that technology, when properly implemented, can reduce your practice no-shows substantially. E-reminders, that is reminders sent via email and/or text message, are much more effective and less costly than postcards […]

How can your practice use Facebook and Twitter to get referrals?

Even if you don’t use Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure you are aware of what they are. If you happened to live under a rock for the last few years, Facebook and Twitter are websites people and businesses use to share what’s happening on a day to day, hour to hour, and yes, even on […]

Don’t Confuse Indecision with No Decision

Food for Thought is our way of sharing interesting concepts on corporate leadership and management with others who might find it useful. The thoughts offered are intended to be controversial and thought provoking. They always follow our motto of helping develop logical leadership. Do you or your organization find yourself wanting to make a decision […]

Re-activate Non Responsive Patients; Technology that Pays for Itself

Action Run is an online e-service that contacts and re-activates non-responsive patients. This is not a new idea, what is new are the tools that ActionRun has developed and applied to this task. Early attempts to use digital technology to re-activate patients simply automated the tasks we had sought to do with paper records. That is […]

10 Tips To Grow Your Dental Practice

Most dentists I talk to have a strong desire to grow their dental practice. Many have even hired so-called SEO guru’s, website designers, local ranking experts, and consultants, but with very little success. With the competitive landscape for most business niches, dental is no different. You can’t have a piece meal marketing approach. You must […]

Marketing Sleep Medicine For Your Dental Practice?

Like anything else, when you start a new adventure, planning the journey is key. If you’re traveling across country and are looking to get to your destination quickly and efficiently you wouldn’t leave home without a road map. The same rules apply in marketing. Strategic marketing planning is crucial. In a world of rapid multi-tasking […]

Google Plus for Dentists

Does your dental practice have a Google Places listing (also known as Google Local Listing)? If so, you have probably noticed that your listing has changed to a Google Plus listing. Before you panic, understand the differences between these Google platforms and evaluate which profile is best for your practice. 1. Google Plus Local: http://plus.google.com/local […]

5 Tips For Handling Negative Reviews

It happens to all of us. We do our best and treat our patients as we’d like to be treated, but one or two unhappy clients are inevitable. There’s an endless list of places consumers can share their thoughts and opinions regarding a recent purchase, most notably Yelp, Google Places, Facebook, and Twitter. The internet […]

Top 5 Books For Your Practice and For Your Life

I like to read books, lots of books, about leadership, management, business, and personal development. You won’t find me reading a novel anytime soon. That’s just me, but for those of you who are of like mind, here’s the top 5 books that have been particularly valuable in shaping how I see the world, and […]

Facebook Business Page: Do I Really Need It?

One of the questions asked often is:  “I already have a Profile page on Facebook, do I really need a Facebook Business Page?” That’s sort of like the question (in dentistry) “Do I really need to floss?” You know the answer ….Only the teeth you want to keep!! Originally, Facebook was only for making connections, […]