What a Dentist Should Do When a Patient is Fearful

Fear and dentistry seem to go hand in hand.  Whether the fear comes from childhood experiences or is solely psychological, fear is a real thing that patients often bring with them to their appointments. Here’s what most dentists and their teams fail to remember: people have two biological, automatic reactions when dealing with fear, FLIGHT […]

Digital Dental Crown: The Modern Day Dental Drive Through

As children we were always told that in the future ovens would do all the cooking, clothes would dress us and, of course, cars would soar through the air. Well don’t be too disenchanted just yet; while we all wait for our hover-boards to get through R&D, new technology has sprung up that makes the […]

Marketing Sleep Medicine For Your Dental Practice?

Like anything else, when you start a new adventure, planning the journey is key. If you’re traveling across country and are looking to get to your destination quickly and efficiently you wouldn’t leave home without a road map. The same rules apply in marketing. Strategic marketing planning is crucial. In a world of rapid multi-tasking […]


In Episode 9 of Take Five With Marty, Dr. Marty Jablow discusses the many benefits of the “magical ingredient” xylitol with dental industry consultant, author and publisher, Shirley Gutkowski, RDH.

Take Five with Marty interviewing Linda Miles

In Episode 7 of Take Five With Marty, Dr. Marty Jablow discusses today’s dental practice management challenges with legendary dental consultant, Linda Miles. Linda also provides some recommendations regarding how to get patients back into the office regularly and grow your dental practice as a whole. Marty JablowMartin Jablow DMD, is America’s Dental Technology Coach. […]

Dr. Jablow discusses repairing spinal cord injury and interviews Dr. Paul Feuerstein about dental digital impressions

In Episode 6 of Take Five With Marty, Dr. Marty Jablow discusses repairing spinal cord injury with dental pulp stem cells and also interviews dental technology guru, Dr. Paul Feuerstein about dental digital impressions. Marty JablowMartin Jablow DMD, is America’s Dental Technology Coach. He practices general dentistry in a group setting in Woodbridge, NJ. Dr. […]

5 Tips For Handling Negative Reviews

It happens to all of us. We do our best and treat our patients as we’d like to be treated, but one or two unhappy clients are inevitable. There’s an endless list of places consumers can share their thoughts and opinions regarding a recent purchase, most notably Yelp, Google Places, Facebook, and Twitter. The internet […]

Take Five With Marty – Pilot Episode

Take 5 with Marty

Take Five with Marty is a new web-based video show hosted by dental industry thought leader and technology guru, Dr. Marty Jablow. In the pilot’s news segment, Dr. Jablow covers Autism Awareness and a body mass index study associated with periodontal disease. Dr. Jablow then sits down for an interview with Heather Coliccihio, AADOM President, […]

The Social Life of Dentists

By now it’s not news to anyone that the internet has transformed everything from the nature of interpersonal relationships to the way goods and services are sold, delivered, experienced, and used. This post is the first in a series that looks at how these phenomena are specifically affecting practicing dentists today. In particular, we highlight […]

REAL Recall – Recall Systems For The Modern Practice

REAL Recall – Matching Advancements in Practice Management and Clinical Dentistry Dentistry has been practiced since 7,000 BC and “Modern” dentistry began with the establishment of the first dental school, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, in 1840.  Since that time, now nearly 170 years later, clinical knowledge and technology have advanced considerably. Today’s dental office […]