Dentist Marketing Ideas: New Way to Track ROI

As a consultant, one of the first things I normally do with a new client is to work with the front desk team to set up a system to track new patient referral sources. This often requires making sure the health history includes a question about referring, the front desk team asks new patients on […]

Marketing Really IS Everything

Today on my way to picking up hubby from his dialysis treatment I saw an excellent example of what is meant by Marketing really is everything! We live in a large city with many apartment complexes and having been an Apartment Manager for several years, I know that keeping them in “full occupancy” can become […]

What makes a sign GREAT!

Our research shows that 44% of the people on the floor have become aware of a new business because of signage. One of the keys to effective signing is that Attendees walking down a given aisle only have a 20 degree cone of visibility. This means that signage that is parallel to the aisle is […]

Marketing 101: Be Unique to Make your Dental Practice Stand Out

Your brand is not just a logo – it is commonly defined as your customer’s experience with your dental office. A brand is what your customers think of you and IS a reflection of everything you do: the way you send emails, your website, your Tweets, how you describe your business, and the logo on […]

e-Reminders Reduce Missed Appointments

No one needs to tell you that time is money and nothing undermines your practice productivity more than missed appointments. The good news here is that technology, when properly implemented, can reduce your practice no-shows substantially. E-reminders, that is reminders sent via email and/or text message, are much more effective and less costly than postcards […]

Dentists: Here’s Why You Need To Be On Google Plus

A few days ago, a dentist contacted me wanting to know about this “google plus thing”, and how they can leverage it to attract new patients. As a consultant, I have spoken to dozens of dentists, that are beyond frustrated of what to do online to attract new patients. Google has thrown another curve at […]

Google SEO and You

If you are reading this blog you are (by definition) aware of the power of the Internet to spread information. The Internet has fundamentally changed how people seek and find information, which in turn has destroyed the old ways of business communication like printed magazines and yellow pages ads. Actually there are two things which […]

Is Your Dental Website Getting Results?

I’m amazed at the hundreds of dental websites I have looked at that are difficult to navigate, make me work to take action, and are basically wasting air space on the Internet. If you have a website already, I want you to really take a look at its EVERY page, and ask yourself this question. […]

10 Tips To Grow Your Dental Practice

Most dentists I talk to have a strong desire to grow their dental practice. Many have even hired so-called SEO guru’s, website designers, local ranking experts, and consultants, but with very little success. With the competitive landscape for most business niches, dental is no different. You can’t have a piece meal marketing approach. You must […]

Marketing Sleep Medicine For Your Dental Practice?

Like anything else, when you start a new adventure, planning the journey is key. If you’re traveling across country and are looking to get to your destination quickly and efficiently you wouldn’t leave home without a road map. The same rules apply in marketing. Strategic marketing planning is crucial. In a world of rapid multi-tasking […]