Moving to the Right – Your Dental Journey

I got a day off today and I sat down and thought about how I’ve ‘reinvented’ myself many times over the past 15 years. Whether it’s as a dental educator or as a practicing dentist.These days when I speak it’s not so much about clinical techniques, but more about your journey. We go through 3 […]

Clinical Excellence = Business Success? My story.

I worry about dental students, new graduates, and those in their early years of practice. Are they as naïve nowadays as was I a few decades ago?  I hope not, but chances are that many will have difficulty finding their way in the first few years (perhaps much longer) for lack of business knowhow.  I […]

Living and Leading with Intention

When we choose our intentions and are mindful, we achieve clarity of purpose. We are clear on what matters most to us, on what we value. Do you have a written vision statement or intention for: Your practice? Your role in your practice? Your relationship with your staff? Your relationships with your clients, suppliers, investors, […]

Coaching Through Advocacy

This topic is motivated by some polarized political conversations underway in the US, although our topic itself is not political. Even though many of our readers outside the US might have had little interest in US politics, they no doubt were aware of some of these conversations. Over the last few months in the US, […]

Firing Strategy…

Do you have employees you’re not proud of? Then deal with it! The “how” of firing is typically not the problem. It’s the “who” and “when” that gets in the way. Business decision makers will tell me about a problem employee and how he/she is a poison to the operation and not living up to […]

Don’t Confuse Indecision with No Decision

Food for Thought is our way of sharing interesting concepts on corporate leadership and management with others who might find it useful. The thoughts offered are intended to be controversial and thought provoking. They always follow our motto of helping develop logical leadership. Do you or your organization find yourself wanting to make a decision […]

Anti-Buzz: You Can Stop the Signal

What is at stake when you set policy for Internet access and use in your office? There are no perfect solutions. Internet use at work, and the rules governing it, are really a matter of office culture, and every office is different; you are trying to balance safety, privacy, professionalism, practicality and morale. Here are […]

Blogging for Dentists

Does your dental practice have a blog? A blog is an online tool that can be used to share information, news, and events. Blogging is a free and highly effective way to advertise your dental practice and connect with patients. A main benefit of blogging is that it provides an opportunity to show current and […]

Dr. Jablow discusses repairing spinal cord injury and interviews Dr. Paul Feuerstein about dental digital impressions

In Episode 6 of Take Five With Marty, Dr. Marty Jablow discusses repairing spinal cord injury with dental pulp stem cells and also interviews dental technology guru, Dr. Paul Feuerstein about dental digital impressions. Marty JablowMartin Jablow DMD, is America’s Dental Technology Coach. He practices general dentistry in a group setting in Woodbridge, NJ. Dr. […]

Top 5 Books For Your Practice and For Your Life

I like to read books, lots of books, about leadership, management, business, and personal development. You won’t find me reading a novel anytime soon. That’s just me, but for those of you who are of like mind, here’s the top 5 books that have been particularly valuable in shaping how I see the world, and […]