DICOM stands for Digital Image Communication in Medicine. It is an international standard for digital radiography that covers everything from hospital CAT Scans to dental periapicals. It is the DICOM standard that assures the reliable transfer of images from one system to another. The DICOM standard also calls for the transfer of essential data along […]

What Implant is That?

what implant is that?

What Implant is That? A Web-based Reference for Implant Radiographic Identification Over the last 40 years, implants have been gaining popularity in dentistry, resulting in over a hundred types of implants in service. Each new manufacturer and design has certain characteristics that differentiate it from the competition. As prosthodontists, we are faced with a myriad […]

“Good” Charting Software


Good charting software has many features. One of the most important is that it eliminates all paper. That means the software must accommodate all the bits of paper data that accumulate in a chart and it must have a method of importing virtually anything either with a scanner or file import function. If some bit of paper […]

Method or Results: High Tech Diagnosis


The core of hi tech diagnostics is the ability to scientifically measure a physiologic condition and then to convert those measurements to a digital format for analysis and recording. The result is a highly accurate and consistent measurement. Traditional methods of diagnosis are often little more than highly educated subjective guesses. To become a good […]

Are you mobile ready?


News from the Internet Summit – Are you mobile ready? This past November, nine Net32 employees had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Internet Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina. The conference was packed full of internet business information to help us continue to serve our dental customers in the most effective means possible.  Of everything […]

Dual Entry

computer mice

A simple, inexpensive, yet very powerful component to effective use of technology in the treatment room is multiple inputs. Input refers to any device, which allows the user to access the computer. The most common input devices are a keyboard and mouse. However there are other options as well such as touch pads, track balls, […]

5 Quick Tips For Website Improvement


Your website is continually evolving. It always needs updating, just like your dental office. There are always improvements you can make, things you can change, and features you can add, but the process can be cumbersome and just thinking about it can be exhausting. So rather than trying to do a complete makeover, consider these […]

Can Blogs Get Your Practice To The Top?


Reading blogs and blogging yourself are completely different things. While reading blogs may be entertaining, it is arguably more beneficial to your business to actively participate in the conversation by writing for blogs or hosting your own. Taking the time out of your day to blog might seem like a hassle, but blogs are the […]

Digital Dental Crown: The Modern Day Dental Drive Through

drive thru dental crown

As children we were always told that in the future ovens would do all the cooking, clothes would dress us and, of course, cars would soar through the air. Well don’t be too disenchanted just yet; while we all wait for our hover-boards to get through R&D, new technology has sprung up that makes the […]

3D Printing – Taking Dental Work to the Next Level

3D printing image by http://blog.stratasys.com

Three dimensional (3D) Printing is something which has recently experienced a sudden increase in popularity and can immensely help bring your practice to the next level. The printing process incorporates making a three-dimensional solid object in almost any shape imaginable from a digital model, through the use of advanced digital technology. The additive manufacturing process […]