Growing a dental practice in a rural small community – Dr. Bryant Birch

Are you living under the illusion that advanced dentistry is just a big-city thing? That your success is limited because you’re in a rural area? You’ll think again after hearing Dr. Bryant Birch’s story in today’s episode. The nation’s mentality is changing, and technology is being welcomed and expected. Listen to T-Bone’s conversation with Dr. […]

Three Paperless Forms Options

Forms and signatures are one of the essentials of record keeping. How then can you have a paperless record? There are three methods to gather the information electronically and totally bypass the paper (paperless forms). Tablet PC: A tablet PC is a mobile computer in the shape of a slate. The i-Pad is the best known tablet […]

Performing vs. Engaged Employees

Performance management has become an over-used buzz word in the corporate world. Most companies understand the value of setting clear performance goals for employees, evaluating the employees’ performance against those goals and providing the employees with feedback on what they have done well and where they might need improvement. We value highly performing employees. But […]

Variable Compensation: Incentive, Bonus or a Reward?

Let me start by wishing all of our readers a happy and prosperous New Year. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, hopefully had some relaxing time with family and friends, rang in the New Year with good cheer and are back to work with a positive outlook. This month’s topic is inspired, in […]

Is Your Practice a Love of Labor or a Labor of Love?

The recent Labor Day holiday got me to thinking—We have become a nation of laborers. We love to labor. We are busy, busy, busy, doing, doing, doing. When we face a big challenge or a difficult situation, we labor. We cancel vacation, skip lunch, work through the weekend, and stay late to solve the problem, […]

e-Reminders Reduce Missed Appointments

No one needs to tell you that time is money and nothing undermines your practice productivity more than missed appointments. The good news here is that technology, when properly implemented, can reduce your practice no-shows substantially. E-reminders, that is reminders sent via email and/or text message, are much more effective and less costly than postcards […]

Digital Dental Crown: The Modern Day Dental Drive Through

As children we were always told that in the future ovens would do all the cooking, clothes would dress us and, of course, cars would soar through the air. Well don’t be too disenchanted just yet; while we all wait for our hover-boards to get through R&D, new technology has sprung up that makes the […]

Coaching Through Advocacy

This topic is motivated by some polarized political conversations underway in the US, although our topic itself is not political. Even though many of our readers outside the US might have had little interest in US politics, they no doubt were aware of some of these conversations. Over the last few months in the US, […]

DDS GP for iPad

DDS GP was featured on an Orlando news segment. “Dr. Ronald Behner of Behner Dental Partners demonstrates how he uses a new iPad app to better communicate with his patients on Fox 35 News in Orlando, Florida. The interactive app allows him to show colorful digital animations that represent how cavities and gum disease progress, […]

Re-activate Non Responsive Patients; Technology that Pays for Itself

Action Run is an online e-service that contacts and re-activates non-responsive patients. This is not a new idea, what is new are the tools that ActionRun has developed and applied to this task. Early attempts to use digital technology to re-activate patients simply automated the tasks we had sought to do with paper records. That is […]